How to find Best Beef Restaurants in Chicago

best-chicago-restaurant-for-beef-and-cheesesteaksChicago is very popular for its beef food and it is very common to find beef restaurants in Chicago area. However, because of large numbers of restaurants it may become very difficult for you to choose best beef and steak restaurants in Chicago. Everybody expects the tastiest, juiciest and pure cheese steak on their plate when visits a top beef restaurants in Chicago. And this you are going to get when you visit 100% Italian beef restaurant, king beefy.

Difference between Beef and Cheese Steaks

Cheese Steaks are any piece of meat that has been cooked fast enough. They don’t require the long cooking times as well.

Whereas the beef is well roasted with garlic, oregano and spices and generally takes longer cooking time. The roasted beef can be served as hot beef and can be cooled before serving as well.

Both, steak and roast are basically varied in size. A beef roast can be sliced into individual cheese steaks whereas a large number of steaks cannot be combined with a roasted beef.

Bonus Content: How to buy a steak?

  1. A good steak is expensive. Ask experts why it that who handles and serve it on daily basis.
  2. Learn beef cuts and know why some beef cuts are cheaper than the other. The more you understand the various cuts of beef, the easier it will be for you to bargains while purchasing it.
  3. Buy the best steak you can find. Given a choice between a lean cheese steak and prime cut, one may choose lean cheese steak because of its popularity but prime cut steak is more juicy and flavored. One more reason that people don’t buy prime cut is because it is unaffordable for most of the cheese steak lovers.
  4. Buy beef and steaks from butchers; do not prefer pre-packaging.
  5. If the meat you are buying smells sour or has an ammonia odor, it’s not fresh. Don’t Buy It!
  6. Last but not the least never judge a steak on the name of the beef. All the beef sold in the United States of America is USDA approved.

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